Why use a Professional Translator?

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Language Australis – Why use a  Professional Translator?


To ensure that your documents are translated to the best quality, accurately and effectively, whilst still upholding the integrity of the original document, your documents should be handled by a professional translator.


The professional, expert and trustworthy team at Language Australis can provide you with the best quality work and prompt results at the most competitive prices!


No matter whether you need your business cards, legal documents, university papers or intra-organisational documents, Language Australis can accurately provide translations in almost any language. The level of quality of your translations can affect the reputation and image of your company so it is important that you only use accredited, trained and professional translators.


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What determines a professional translator?

Professional translators are defined as linguists who have all of the appropriate tertiary qualifications in the field of translation plus an abundance of industry knowledge on particular topics. A specific translator will be chosen according to the suitability of their abilities and the content that requires translation.


All of the translators at Language Australis are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) and are native speakers of their target language so the translations that they provide can be used for all official purposes in Australia, including all legal and medical documents.



Can a non-professional translator be used to translate documents efficiently?

It is important for you to use a professional translator only. There are often great misconceptions about the translation process and many think that having the skill of speaking a second language immediately enables them to translate documents accurately.


Simply having knowledge of a second language does not grant that person with the right skill set and the education to make the right decisions on the choice of words needed to accurately portray the original document.

Providing an accurate translation requires the skill to ensure that you are not only supporting words of the original document, but also the context, tone and style of the translation. These skills can only be accomplished through many years of tertiary education and experience.

It is important to note that even a native speaker of a language can tend to lose certain skills, proficiency, knowledge and the social contexts of a particular language, especially when they are away from that language for extended periods of time.


That’s why our professional translators regularly return to their country of origin where they can stay on top of the latest language trends.


Why use a professional translator?

If your message is valuable, it pays to use the services of a professional translator. The professional translators from Language Australis can make informed decisions based on the years of study, knowledge and experience. This allows them to use deliver the information in the most accurate process.

The professional translators from Language Australis have the most in-depth understanding of the function of each document for translation and the intended audience.

The translators understand how to tailor their style, tone and register and can apply the right terminology to provide the most accurate translations.
It is important that your translations are executed to the highest standards, which is why professional translations are always improving their skill set to be up the date with the most current trends and terminology in the right industry that your translation needs.

As all professional translators must adhere to ethical obligations, you can be assured that all translations will be completed confidentially and impartially.


Advantages of using the services of a professional translator from Language Australis.

Language Australis is one of Australia’s best and most professional language translation agency on issues that matter.

We administer interpreting and translating practices across different professional industries and private matters. We specialise in different fields to provide the best service for any of your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, our language consultants have extensive knowledge and longevity in the industry, which set us apart from the rest.

Language Australis has done and seen everything there is to know about translation and language, ensuring that you are in the best possible hands.

We have expertise in a vast range of languages and you’ll always be met with friendly and prompt services at competitive prices.

Offering services in over 150 languages, Language Australis understands the multicultural community that resides in Australia and offers its knowledge and expertise in newer languages for the country, such as those from Africa and the Middle East.

By choosing Language Australis, you’ll be assured that you are met with professionalism and experience provided by our industry professionals to ensure reliability and world-class skills for all of your interpreting needs.

To get the most accurate translations and results, you should employ the help of a professional NAATI-accredited translator. These professional translators have the right skills and knowledge that go beyond their linguistic proficiency.


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