How Does the Website Hosting Location Matter?

Website Hosting Location

Aside from digital PR the first step towards making a business digital is finding the right web hosting service. It not only introduces the business to the modern digital age but also increases your reach around the world.

With tonnes of web hosting companies in the market, it becomes tough to choose a provider. In this article, we will specifically focus on how the website hosting location matters in this decision.

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Location of Website Hosting Matters

Let us see how.


#1 SERP Results

Always host a website in the country from where you expect the most traffic. The geographical location matters in SERP results. For example, if your business is based in Canadian, opting a Canadian web host makes sense because their servers will be located in the same country.

An exception exists where web hosting companies rent servers in other countries for diversity. Enquire with the company to know the server location.

Anyways, continuing with our example, use Google to search for anything, and you will notice different results depending on the geolocation of the IP address. A person sitting in the UK will see a different SERP result for the same query than a person based in China.

Therefore, choose a homegrown server.


#2 Loading Speed

Whether you own a business or a blog, the loading speed matters for the smooth functioning of any web property. Research reports exist which states that a website which takes more than three seconds to load loses its customers and users.

The server location matters. If you are expecting heavy traffic from a specific geolocation, buy a server space from the same geolocation because the server connectivity and loading times drastically improve.


#3 Handling Outages

What if the website suffers a downtime? Only the web hosting provider can offer support. Now, if the web hosting provider is located in a different continent and obviously operating under different Timezones, how will you receive customer support on time.

For example, if you are in India with a server location in the USA and the website suffers from downtime during the day time, you have to wait around 12 hours for customer service because it is night time in the US. Of course, an exception is there if the web hosting provider offers 24×7 support.

However, it is in best interests to opt for a web hosting who operates within the same Timezone as yours.



These three are the main reasons why the web hosting location matters. Choose wisely.