Tips For Choosing The Right Label Printing Company in Melbourne

Label Printing

Are you lost trying to figure out where to start with label printing? A label is more than just a sticker on a bottle or packet; it is an integral part of the product’s branding and success. Product labels are your chance to communicate with your audience & showcase why they should buy your product.

Here are a few tips on how you can stand out by using stickers & labels for your products to capture the attention you need and engage the best label printing company suited to providing you with the most appropriate solutions to your packaging requirements.

1. What Label is going to work for your brand?

Size, colours & placement are all important factors when putting labels on any product and usually influence the volume of sales as a result. You need to consider your target audience and what kind of desired effect you are wanting to create for the end user. There are various ways of packaging and branding with labels – from using full wrap labels to wrap around your bottle or container, to separate front and back labels and even wobblers to adhere to or hang from the product’s lid or shelving. It’s important to ensure you select a size, shape and style that is synonymous with your brand and any Label Printer worth their salt can assist you and offer advice in choosing the right options for your business.

2. Poor Quality, Cheap Label Printing vs High Quality Printing

Much like anything you come across, you pay for what you get. There are a lot of options out there if you are looking for a printing company to print labels, stickers & self-adhesive labels. Some of these companies will produce great high end quality prints for your product that emulate your brand effectively and in the long run maintain integrity on the shelf by not suffering from fading or peeling.

Conversely, there are several paths you can go down to get cheap self-adhesive labels & stickers and you can expect a poorer grade of colour and average materials which may not be environmentally friendly.

In our experience, getting the job done once with the best materials, right design & higher quality will help showcase your brand to your customers more effectively and ultimately save you and your business time and money. With a high-quality Label Printer, you can be assured that you’re receiving a high-end product that will hold up to expectations and its full life expectancy potential – whether your labels are on products inside a store, or outside in the elements.

3. How to Find a Credible Label Printing Company

There are a few ways to find and then identify if you are engaging a quality company to partner with.

First things first, find a reputable company through a Google search and then request a sample. Samples that showcase a business’s products and quality are the easiest way to determine that they may be a good fit for your requirements, and viewing a sample is going to save you time & more importantly help you to understand the quality of the end product. You can also provide the details of your requirements to your potential Printer and have them send you through a quote suited to your specifications. Speed and level of service are always a great indicator that the Label Printer you are considering engaging is not only able to provide you with the right solutions, but that they are also interested in your business and assisting its growth.

With the above tips, you are now armed to find the best printing company to provide stickers, labels & self-adhesive labels.

Onpack is a market leader in innovative label printing based in Melbourne. We have worked with various industries including Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Supplements, Sports Nutrition and Industrial among many others. We employ the most modern digital print techniques and use a wide variety of different materials and adhesives to generate the highest quality products for short, medium, and long-term needs.

Why consider Onpack?

We have the latest Digital Printing and Converting technology and are in the best position to help you:

Minimise your lead times

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Decrease your working capital requirements

Eliminate outdated inventory

Provide high quality Labels, Stickers, Wobblers, Collars, Branding Materials and Point-of-Sale Marketing.

At Onpack, quality customer service is at the heart of our culture and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of labels & packaging as well as an understanding of various market industries, allows us to provide a high level end product to elevate your brand and grab the attention of audiences.

We have a dedicated team that listens and offers bespoke solutions unique to each labelling requirement and are in line with your material quality, adhesive, and design needs.

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