A Guide To Choosing The Best Moving Car Rentals For Your Needs

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Presenting a plethora of moving car rentals for all people who are searching for the ideal utility vehicle.  The utility vehicle has been created to make a driver’s life simpler and we have various moving trucks, transit vans, and pickup trucks available to help you with your driving tasks.  

For more information on the different vehicles available in our fleet, it is recommended that you read the testimonials on our website.  This article, however, will provide information on how to choose the most suitable vehicle rental for your particular moving needs.


1. The Moving Truck

The moving truck is rather self-explanatory with their primary purpose being the moving of large and small items in a large or small quantity.  It is easy to secure the load on a moving truck by using the tie downs found along the side of the vehicle’s box; thereby, eliminating any risk of items sliding along or off the truck.

The vehicle manufacturer has reported that it is possible for a one-bedroom apartment will be able to fit completely in the back of the moving truck.  

When renting a moving truck, it is important that one take certain factors into account.  It is important to consider where you will be heading and how many people will be traveling in the vehicle.  This preparation will help find the ideal moving car rentals.  

For example, a moving truck with only two seats will not be able to manage any third party and additional help will require the renting of a second truck.

It is important to note that two-seater trucks cannot be driven without certain classifications on the 407 ETR; therefore, it is advised that one choose a route using other 400 series highways.  

2. The Utility Van

The utility van may be one of the most versatile types of moving car rentals currently available and the Ford van can be described as a smaller moving truck.  This type of transit van is ideal for people conducting small relocations or transportation of goods in a single trip.

Of course, people have rented these vehicles for all types of tasks including working on movie shoots to cleaning properties and relocations.  

Despite the seating in a Ford utility vehicle being highly comfortable and ideal for long distances, these vans do present with the same challenges as the moving trucks with only having two seats.  To ensure that the rental is successful, it is important to complete planning and consider how many people will be using the van.  

The utility van is highly recommended as a type of moving van if you have a large amount of property to move in a single day or have a smaller apartment to move.  A further benefit of this type of vehicle is that there are no restrictions according to the 407 ETR.  It is advised that you review the rules and regulations regarding car rental and using 407 ETR.


3. The Pickup Truck

The pickup truck is one of the most advantageous types of vehicles because it is able to balance the passenger space with cargo room effectively.  The Ford F-150 available in our fleet can hold up to six passengers with any items to be transported in the back of the pickup.  This vehicle is ideal for people who live in the GTA and will often need to carry more items than an everyday car can manage.


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Advantage Car and Truck Rental highly recommend the rental of a pickup truck if you are considering making large-size purchases, such as dressers or desks from Ikea or Costco.  This type of vehicle is also beneficial if you are choosing to go away for a weekend and require a room in the car for many people with their luggage.

For more information on the usage policy of the 407 ETR, please click here.


Final Words

Choosing the ideal moving car rental can be difficult, but it is possible if you examine your particular moving needs.  It is important to choose the car based on the number of items you are moving and the number of people involved in the task.