A Few Ideas For Working With Brown Wrapping Paper

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that something affordable can’t also look incredible. Even brown paper, which at first might seem boring and bland, can make uniquely wrapped gifts that have style and flair. More and more homes across the country are returning to their roots and using brown wrapping paper for that traditional Christmas feel. It can wrap birthday presents and “just because” presents just as well.

The key to using brown paper is finding ways to add a little something extra to the mix. It’s possible to make very small changes or additions that make a big difference. This works because every little thing stands out against the plain brown paper. You can make a Pinterest-worthy gift wrapping with only brown paper, a bow, and a few items you find outside in the yard.

Of course, the best designs are those that you create yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the wealth of information that exists online as a launching bad for your own creativity. Following are some simple, yet effective, techniques you can use to turn brown wrapping paper into something memorable. Feel free to use these ideas for your own or to improve them.

Most of the ideas include a few key components. There is a method of attachment, which may be string, ribbon, or glue. There is some element to be attached. And there is also additional decoration. Many of these components can be replaced with any number of items depending on your personal style and what you have available.

Wrapping Paper Ideas

Tie It All Together

The brown paper package tied together by a string has a simple look and feel of tradition that makes it easy to love. And, depending on how old you might be, it probably comes with a sense of nostalgia. There was a time when gifts were wrapped in brown paper and tied with string because it was a cheap way to protect the item and ensure privacy. Now it’s reappearing as a unique way to wrap gifts with some classic style.

Even brown paper and string alone is enough to add some unique flair to a gift, but it’s advised to take it a step further if you really want your gift to stand out. There are two elements at play when you use string. The first is how you tie the bow on top of the gift. The second is whether or not you include some sort of decoration under the string.

Depending on the material used, a sturdy string will be much stronger than ribbon. It means that you can hold larger items against the packaging material. If you’re interested in creating a Christmas feel, then consider tying a few springs, some greenery, artificial flowers, or even a pinecone to the package. Using multiple elements can be fun, but make sure you choose them carefully and arrange them properly or it may seem overwhelming to the recipient.

A ribbon is not quite as strong, but it adds an extra level of visual appeal. A ribbon can come in any number of colors or styles. Light blue and pink are very good choices because they accent the brown color very nicely. You can use them to hold flowers, cards, or custom tags. You may also choose to focus entirely on creating an elaborate bow with the ribbon.

Glue It All Down

There are also a number of decorations that you can choose to glue to your brown paper that will add an extra layer of appeal. Gluing tends to work best when you’re working with several different elements or if they are thin elements that would slip from beneath a ribbon.

For example, if it is someone’s birthday, you could glue several birthday candles to the front of their package. You then add some simple decorations to the package with a marker or paint. Glue is also a great tool for adding pictures or photographs to the top of the package.

One final design tip that doesn’t involve glue, string, or ribbon. Consider first wrapping the gift with colored paper. Then, take a hole puncher and punch holes all throughout the brown paper. Finally, wrap the brown paper on top. You can then add extra design elements on top. This provides the classic appearance of the brown paper with fun colors from beneath.

Let Your Creativity Free

As you can see, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to wrap gifts with brown wrapping paper. And these ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to experiment and to let your creativity run free.