How Professional Photography Can Build Your Event

Photography | Jui The Artist

If you want to build the reputation of your brand, and you want to get more people coming to your events, then you will need to have an active presence on social media, and high quality, professional photography is a must to attract attention to your social media posts.

One of the biggest challenges that photographers face these days is that everyone thinks that they could be a professional photographer. The development of affordable, high-quality cameras means that it’s possible for anyone to take high-resolution photographs with relative ease and without spending a fortune on a DSLR and associated kit. What people fail to appreciate, however, is that high resolution is not the same as ‘high quality’.

Professional photographers have the training and expertise required to take good photographs in a wide range of conditions.

They understand things like composition, the rule of threes, lighting, contrast, and depth of field, and this means that they can create photos that are visually appealing – quickly and easily.Professional Photography | Jui The Artist

They also understand the law regarding photographing people in public places, model release, photographing branded items, etc.

These are all important issues, and things that it is easy for the average person to fall foul of when they are trying to do photography for themselves. Trying to skimp on this sort of thing can be a false economy, and it could put you in some legal hot water.

A professional photographer has experience working in a fast paced environment.

They will be able to get photos of people at your event, without people really noticing that they’re there. This means that they’ll capture natural and authentic moments, and they’ll have an eye for the things that make stunning shots. Professional photography is more than just pointing a camera at things and hoping the shot comes out well. They’ll use timing, perspective, and experience to find the best things to take a photo of.

A skilled cameraman will take hundreds upon hundreds of shots, but may only deliver a fraction of the number that they actually shot. They’ll discard photos for reasons that, upon first glance, you might not notice. But they know what a good photo needs. They know what will shine when the photos are edited, and what won’t. It may sound cliche, but it really is true to say that photos are more than just a snapshot of a moment in time – a well-composed photograph tells a story, and that’s why it is something that will inspire people to come to your events.

Images that Get Results

If you’re on a tight marketing budget then you may be leery of paying for professional photography but think of it this way. It would be wasteful for you to spend a lot of time and money on an ad campaign that didn’t convert. If you don’t have high-quality content to share, then your ad campaign is going to underperform. Even your ‘real world’ campaigns – flyers and newspaper advertisements, for example, will do better if you have some vibrant and exciting photographs to share.

If you can put a portion of your marketing budget towards getting someone to come and share some high-quality photographs, then you will be much better off in the long term. One set of photos can be used for online advertising, press releases, reviews, and your own website, as well as for print adverts and if you can get high enough resolution images, for billboards and other ads too.

It takes years to build up a strong reputation for your brand.

Event planning can be a complex undertaking, and it requires good organisational skills. There is a lot to think about – venue permissions, fire safety, child safety, lost property, marketing, scheduling, entertainment, and catering. Finding accommodation for guests and for staff…. the list can feel never-ending. The job of the photographer is often overlooked but it is just as vital from a marketing perspective as some of the other jobs.

Hiring a professional photographer will mean that there is one more job that you don’t have to worry about because you know that it is being done by someone who is well qualified and who does not need micromanagement. Once you have met with a professional photographer to discuss your requirements, they will handle the details of the shot for you. They will bring their own equipment, take the shots you need, and then clean them up and supply you with edited shots based on the brief.

Remember that when it comes to getting photos of an actual event, you only get one chance. You can’t go back in time and recreate the day if the photos don’t come out well. That’s why it pays to get a professional in to help you get the good shots first try.