How To Choose The Best Rug

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The kind of rug you choose has a significant impact on how your home looks and how comfortable the people living there will be. They are a strong design statement and can instantly transform your room into a small haven. Rugs come in different sizes and colors, and if you are not keen on them, you might find it hard to select the best one for your area.

How do you find one that suits the space perfectly without being too big or too bright? Well, today we have developed a guide that will inform you of the essential things to look out for when selecting rugs so that you land for the best one you can.


It has been mentioned that there are infinite rug styles today and you should always select the best fit for your area. Keep in mind that the best one at the shopping store might not be suitable for your living space, and you should make all your choices based on your room unless you are willing to get new furniture that will blend with that rug. Nowadays, the areas are not limited to the ancient Persian and Roman rugs as there are modern and contemporary ones that are suited to the modern home styles.

You should think of what is available to you and the kind of atmosphere and mood that your room should have. Keep in mind that a rug that blends with your room should not match everything there but work with the current textures and designs of the existing furnishings.


Color is an obvious starting point when selecting a perfect rug for your area, and it is somehow related to the styles. First, you may be required to think of the colors you like, and those that you would not want to be in your room but the considerations do not just conclude with your preferences. The rug is strategically placed in your home, and its color basically sets the tone for the entire room to make this choice wisely.

If you already have things in that room that follow a consistent color theme, think of finding a rug that will blend into the theme and not clash with it.

If your room has an assortment of color or patterns, it might be prudent to opt for something that is more neutral. When looking at the color, you are looking at the future improvements you would like in that room and ensure that you select a good one.


This is a pretty optional consideration as it all depends on personal preferences. Some people like patterns while others prefer the plain colors and sometimes finding a perfect match might be prudent. For instance, if solid colors characterize your walls and furniture, it is good to opt for a patterned rug to bring some life into the room. The reverse should apply to people with patterned walls and furnishings.

Rugs Online | The Rug LadyIt is mostly about striking that balance that won’t make your room appear too dull or too screamy. Keep in mind that the patterns in your room are related to the color and find how the two will blend seamlessly.


One of the mistakes that you need to avoid is getting a rug that is too small for your room. The carpet should only leave some little space between the walls and the edges unless there are lots of furniture to cover the bare area. It should ideally be centered in the room, and the distance between it and the walls should be even.

However, you can adjust the spaces to define some areas in your room such as an open concept space.


It is always good to be realistic with the rug you select and analyze your lifestyle before doing so. Who do you live with? Are you the spotlessly clean person or one who will always spill some beverage on their rug after a while? Do you have pets and little children in your home? If you have people and activities that will always make your carpet dirty, it is advisable to find a low pile one that is easier to clean. A flat one with a color choice that can mask stains should be your perfect choice if you want one that will take a lot of beating.

Selecting an ideal rug for your space is a decision that should be made after looking into some things carefully. Take your time and analyze your options thoroughly so that you land one that will blend perfectly with your room while still not giving you a hard time trying to maintain it.