The History And Benefits Scrap Metal Melbourne & Dandenong

Scrap Recycling

Increasingly, Australia is focusing on recycling its metal waste. There was a time when recycling was not part of our daily lives as it today. The humble aluminium cans, the metal part of a car, the copper wire, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals were never considered for recycling. However, today we are recycling as much as possible.

The History Of Metal Scrap Industry

A combination of public awareness and government policies has made recycling a common practice across Australia. Furthermore, there is an economic incentive for recycling, where the value of recycled metals means it far more profitable to recycle rather than divert the waste to landfills.

The journey to where we currently are no begun more than 100 years ago. BHP steel was the first Australian company to venture into steel scrap recycling. However, the company focused on recycling its own industrial steel. Other steel companies followed BHP’s lead and begun to recycle their own industrial steel scrap.

The Benefits Of Scrap Metal

Metal Scrap Recycling

Over time, however, legislation and the need to make full utilisation of the non-renewable resource that is metal meant that we had to reduce the quantity of metal ending up in landfills. As such, today we recycle as much of metals as possible, even here in Melbourne. And there are plenty of benefits that come with recycling.

Economic Benefits

For starters, the scrap metal industry creates approximately 36 times more jobs when compared to sending the same amount of waste to the incinerators. In the same light, when you recycle scrap, you create 6 times more jobs compared to sending the same amount of scrap to the landfills.  The extra jobs created to spur economic growth in our communities in Melbourne.

Recycling is also an income generating activity. Businesses and individuals who recycle their metal sell to metal recycling businesses, thereby earning money from their efforts. Recycling businesses in turn process and sell the scrap, thereby earning money from their effort as well. All through the chain, everyone involved in recycling makes money.

Environmental Benefits

Recycling metal reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced when compared to making metal from virgin ore. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reckons that recycling metal reduces the GHGs produced by about 300 million and 500 million tonnes. As such, recycling metal reduces the greenhouse gases produced, which plays an important role in combating global warming.

Moreover, recycling scrap metal uses about 40% less water than virgin metal processed from ore does. Recycling also produces 97% less waste as compared to virgin ore metals.

Energy Conservation Benefits

Recycling metal consumes far less energy when compared to producing metal from virgin ore. For instance, recycling steel uses 56% less energy than producing virgin steel; recycling copper uses 90% less energy than processing virgin copper; recycling aluminium uses 92% less energy compared to producing virgin aluminium.

About Sky Scrap Metal Scrap

With the benefits of scrap metal Melbourne recycling in mind, you need to note that the actualisation of these benefits is in part pegged on the scrap metal company you deal. An effective partner in your pursuit to recycle scrap metal is one that is experienced, dedicated, and one that has the technology and knowledge needed in this industry.

At Sky Scrap Metal, we are experienced in this industry. We have been operating in the metal recycling industry for than 10 years, a length of time that has enabled us to amassed invaluable experience in dealing with scrap metal Melbourne recycling.

Additionally, we have are a family owned and operated business. As such, we are flexible and dedicated to providing personalised services that meet our clients’ needs without fail.

Finally, we are well-equipped to meet our customer’s needs and wants. Whether you are a business that needs demolition services that include scrap metal collection or you are an individual that needs a scrap metal Melbourne and metal bin services, we have the technical capacity and capability to meet your needs.