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Proven Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a term that you have probably heard before, but what about clinical Pilates? What is Clinical Pilates? It refers to a form of Pilates that focuses on posture, flexibility, breathing, strength, control, balance,…

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Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Pilates Studio

You will find Pilates (Pronounced: Pih-LAH-Tees) offered at a wide variety of fitness centers from gyms to yoga studios. This innovative approach to body conditioning and essential maintenance of skeletal and muscle systems has more…

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Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

There are many natural products on the market today that can provide you with health benefits. One of the best is virgin coconut oil. It is used in many different ways including the preparation of…

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What can Thermage® do for you?

How Does Thermage® Work? Thermage® received FDA approval in 2002 for eye wrinkle treatment, in 2004 for facial wrinkle treatment and in 2005 for cellulite and body laxity. Thermage® is a procedure in which heats the skin…