Get Out There And Enjoy The Water – With No Fuss

Folding Trailer | Boathoist

In any country that has wonderful all year weather, there is one thing that will never lose its attraction – and that is spending some time on or near the water.

If you are one of the lucky ones who live in such a country the purchase of a boat is a simply wonderful choice to enjoy rivers or streams or even inlets onto the wide seas and oceans. If you have the means the purchase of a boat is not only a monetary asset – but one that pays enormous dividends in terms of enjoyment with family and friends.

If you have a small aluminium boat (what they call a ‘tinny’ in Australia) you are going to have a fantastic time. they’re easy to operate and a small outboard engine will allow you to explore your chosen water environment with ease and with some comfort.

However – there is one challenge that can be a bit daunting, especially to those who are new to the small boat experience. And that is transport.

The common solution to the transport of a small aluminium boat is to strap it to the roof of the car – but this comes with a whole variety of different challenges. The first is of course how you get it up there. Although these small boats are relatively lightweight the logistics can be daunting – and it will certainly take more than one person to secure it to the roof of an off-road vehicle – let alone a family sedan.

But you still want to get to the water’s edge with the minimum of fuss and bother – so how can this be achieved?

The solution might be obvious to those who have owned a boat before – you simply have a trailer and load the boat onto that and away you go. But traditional trailers have some limitations. Firstly they can be incredibly cumbersome and take up a huge amount of storage space.

Leaving them outdoors also comes with another whole variety of maintenance challenges. As with all metallic trailers exposed to the elements they are going to require maintenance. And in all seriousness, if you are going to be using your small craft for the odd bit of fun it seems a bit counter-productive to spend large amounts of time maintaining a trailer.

Fortunately, there is a solution – the folding boat trailer.

Now, this might seem to be an idea that is long overdue – or even something that would not be practicable. Boat folding boat trailers have proved their worth in countries like Australia where small aluminium boats are extremely popular.

They allow those who simply want to enjoy their leisure time to enjoy the boating experience with all the stress that comes with owning that large and unwieldy trailer – and they are excellent value for money.

They also allow the owner of leisure craft to enjoy the stress-free experience of towing a camper van or even a caravan without having to cope with the everyday experience of caring for a full-size trailer.

And if your idea is to have that simple enjoyment of launching a small watercraft then these folding trailers are the ideal solution. They can be set up at the water’s edge and even a single operator can then launch a small craft without any assistance.

And here is the most wonderful of the trailer’s properties. Leave the boat in the water. Pull away and simply fold it into the back of a caravan. It requires so little space that it will not interrupt your enjoyment of your leisure time.

When the time comes to leave that beloved stretch of water then simply unfold it and get ready to head on home safe in the knowledge that what you are towing and is one of the most tried and tested towing solutions in the world.

So what you will have experienced is a stress-free holiday. time with friends and absolutely no backache when it comes to transporting your leisure craft to your chosen destination – and you can return home knowing that you have enjoyed that time with a minimum of fuss and bother.




Source: Courtesy of Boathoist, Boat Loader and Accessories Australia