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Babies usually have their own skin care products as normal skin care products used by everyone can damage their skin. This is why it is good to look for products that are specially meant for babies if you have a baby or babies.

A baby’s skin is often more delicate, thinner and more prone to dryness than the skin of an adult. Baby’s products usually use mild cleaners and protect the natural balance of a baby’s skin while protecting it. These products have lower levels of fragrance and don’t contain alcohol or soap.

Choosing the right baby skin care product can be a daunting task as there are many options to choose from. Should you choose fragrance-free, natural or hypoallergenic products? These terms can confuse you and make it hard for you to know the right skin care product for your baby.

What you should look for is a product that is ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. A good product is one that will protect your baby’s skin and not irritate it. In this article, I am going to help you know more about these terms to help you make a wise decision. So, without further ado, here is what you need to know:

Fiction: It is better to choose chemical-free products

All the products out there are made up of chemicals including natural and synthetic or man-made chemicals. Therefore, any product that uses the term “chemical free” is only using this as a marketing strategy.

However, there is one exception to this rule: chemical free sunscreens use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as physical barriers to protect against the rays of the sun. They do not use chemicals to make the sunscreen.

Baby Skin Care Products | Lovekins

Fact: Look for baby skin care products that say sensitive skin or irritant free

This is something that enables you to know that a certain product is irritant free and ideal for sensitive skin. Such a product undergoes clinical testing which determines that the product does not cause irritation. In fact, the testing is carried out on consenting adults.

Fact: Use hypoallergenic products for your baby

Hypoallergenic products are often clinically tested and are less likely to lead to an allergic reaction. Patch testing of hypoallergenic products is usually done on consenting adults.

This form of testing is done by exposing the skin of a person to the product over a longer period of time and determine whether or not the product can lead to an allergic reaction. It is a good idea to look for hypoallergenic products when looking for the right baby skin care products.

Fact: It is good for babies to use fragrance-free products

It is a good idea to use fragrance-free products as babies often have irritant prone and delicate skin. Fragrances are made up of chemicals and a single scent can be made up of over 100 chemicals. While we would like our babies to smell good, it is the major cause of contact or skin allergies. Therefore, it is good to avoid fragrance on a baby’s skin.

Fiction: Natural products are always the best

This is one of the most common terms in the skin care industry. It can be both fictional and truthful in its use. This term is not regulated by any governmental agency meaning that there is no control of its use.

Products that are made only from natural ingredients can be more irritation to the skin as they are plant-based, there are several plant allergies. At times, a chemical derivative of a plant can be less irritation and safer option. Therefore, be careful when considering those products that use the term “100% natural”.

Fact: When it comes to skin care products, choose organic

The term “organic” is regulated and certified by the USDA. A product is usually organic if it comprises 70% organic ingredients. Therefore, this is a term that you can rely on.

Fact: pH balanced products are better

Most of the skin care products often use the terms “pH balanced” or “pH neutral”. The pH scale is a way of measuring how alkaline or acidic a skincare product is. Our skin’s pH is acidic and has a pH of 4.5 to 5.

A product with a similar acidic pH is balanced and is less irritating as it avoids stripping the skin of the natural oils. An alkaline skin care product is not good as it can disturb the acid mantle of your baby’s skin and irritate it.

Fiction: Products free of preservatives are better as they contain fewer chemicals

Preservatives are ingredients added to products to prevent the growth of fungus, mould, and bacteria in a product. They are used to ensure the safety of a product and to help you avoid rubbing a product infested with bacteria on your baby’s skin. However, avoid products containing phthalate or paraben as they are not healthy.

Fact: Avoid antibacterial products

Always avoid using products that are labelled antimicrobial or antibacterial. Mild alcohol-free baby wipes or mild, liquid baby cleaners are ideal for keeping your baby clean. Antibacterial ingredients aren’t usually added to products meant for babies.

It is usually a good idea to do a patch test before using a skin care product. You can do this by applying some of the product to a small area of your baby’s leg or arm and wait for 24 hours to see if the baby will have a reaction. Avoid using the product if your baby’s skin becomes itchy, red, flaky or sore. Babies who had dry skin or eczema should use only emollient-based products and never use any perfumed product.



Source: Courtesy of Lovekins, Organic Baby Skin Care