Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Pilates Studio

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You will find Pilates (Pronounced: Pih-LAH-Tees) offered at a wide variety of fitness centers from gyms to yoga studios. This innovative approach to body conditioning and essential maintenance of skeletal and muscle systems has more benefits than can be mentioned in this short article.

Some of the most notable benefits found in the regular practice of Pilates include better sleep at night, improved cognitive function in the workplace and better performance in physical activities. The benefits are so profound that many champion Olympians attest to the balancing and toning capacity of Pilates exercises.

But you don’t have to be an Olympian, or even in the best physical conditions to begin a new life of better health. In the following article we will take a closer look at this effective plan for better health and how to begin your journey.

The History of Pilates

The exercise regime that has taken the world by storm was conceptualized by the German athlete and visionary Joseph Pilates. His close work with dancers, athletes and regular professionals performing in a non-physical capacity gave him a keen insight into the needs of this special demographic.

Joseph Pilates was a creative genius who laid out a system of exercises that must be executed in specific orders to accomplish a specific task. Joseph called his work “Contrology” and in his own words the purpose was to “initiate uniform development across the body, improve improper postures and invigorate the mind and spirit”.

According to Joseph Pilates, “If you have a flexible spine at 60, you are young. But, if you have a rigid unhealthy spine at 30, you are already old.”

Finding the Best Pilates Studio and Instructors

If you are looking to gain the benefits commonly associated with Pilates exercises, you will want to begin your efforts with guidance and instruction. In the following section we will look at some key pointers for choosing the right Pilates Studio for you.

1. Well-Trained Instructors

This is indubitably the most important aspect of any physical discipline or improvement. However, unlike martial arts or gymnastics, Pilates is not regulated by any single authority, it will be important to research the options available to you.

The first thing to look for is certification through one of the reputable programs available. Look for a few of the following features:

-500+ Hours of Training, Practice and Instruction to Students – if the teacher is only teaching “Mat Pilates” 200+ Hours of instructions will suffice.
-Recognition from the Pilates Method Alliance
-Modules that work over a series of months.

It is very common for new students to be interested in the experience of their instructors. Most instructors keep their credential on hand for you to research in-depth when your return home. You should also take some time to get to know the instructors and make sure you feel comfortable with their personality and character types.

2. Style of Teaching

If you find a Pilates Studio you like, try out the sessions with a few different teachers and see which one’s appeal to you’re the most. Some are very dynamic and hands-on with lots of verbal instruction and directions, others are far more soft-spoken. Make sure you have found a session you will be glad to stick with till your health benefits come to fruition.

3. Vibe

Believe it or not, this is more important than many people initially think it will be. The vibe of the studio should be something you look forward to and enjoy. If the staff is too warm, friendly and accommodating or not nearly enough, your sessions may be a dread and you will begin to skip a session here and there.

4. Classes and Locations

Make sure the classes that you are interested in taking are available at a convenient hour. Pilates, like all physical activities, is best performed with a serene mind and relaxed composure, if you are squeezing in a short session between rushing across town from work to pick up kids at school, your results may be degraded.

In the end, Pilates is an excellent choice for young and old, physically fit and the novice health enthusiast alike. If you are ready to begin your life of better health, take the time to make a good selection of Studio and Instructors. This will make your journey to wellness more enjoyable and invigorating.